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I’ve spoken with 10 high-growth companies in the past couple of weeks. And everyone had one challenge to tackle: Building a Community. So here we go, on to what really makes a difference for your business.

Brian Chesky said “Build something 100 people love, not something 1 miillion people kind of like”

But first, it’s essential to understand that most brands misunderstand the word ‘community’ with ‘fans’ or ‘loyalists’. To make it simpler, a COMMUNITY is people having shared values, interests & choices, who come together for many to many interactions (customers to interact with other customers) and not just with the brand.

And that’s the challenge about building a community: the ability to foster & moderate communication between community members. And not get personal ‘marketing’ agendas in the way.

The truth is that community fosters consumption: commerce consumption or information consumption. And that’s the goldmine you must look at hit.

To be honest, after the pandemic, people are longing for communities more than ever before. Digital has accelerated communication and hence the time for community building is absolutely ripe. There’s a certain pent up energy that people need to exude; and communities give them the funnel to such opportunities.

So how do you really create a fan base of 100 abso-fucking-lutely loyal customers who you can fall back on. And then turn it into a community.