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From this email onward, we’ll start diving into some nuances of product design & marketing. Something that you could use as a base with your teams and ventures, to accelerate & scale.

So let’s dive right in:

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Today, we’re talking about scaling from $0M to $1M. By no means is this just for startup businesses / brands, but for anyone who’s trying to scale a new product, enter a territory or even try out a new product-marketing plan.

So when going from 0 to $1M, it’s the hardest part of the journey. Some things that work well:

1. Volume & Sustenance in content creation, rather than perfection & quality - let the audience decide how they’d like to react to your content & marketing.

a) I’m a huge believer of content volume (in the initial stages than perfection). You move fast and break things, evaluate how it’s going (with feedback loops or by talking to your customers) and then start to iterate on what works best

b) Avoid any strategy that’s too hard to back with momentum.

2. Get your WHY right - at least for starters. And then communicate it, across every single touchpoint with your customer.

a) Your Landing Page copy must resonate the same language as your launch campaign

b) Use lesser jargons, introduce lesser new keywords (where your customers don’t know what they mean) and keep messaging consistent.

c) Let people resonate with your product / services' use cases & features. Make it relatable. Let them know how it benefits them. Sell less.

3. Landing Page Optimisation plays a huge role - do the customers have everything that they need to know & understand about your product?

a) Pack it up with reviews, testimonials, highlight features and pictures. As for a new product, do a pre-launch sampling / testing and build these reviews if you haven’t yet started sales.

b) Try and restrict your landing page to just about 3 full scrolls on your mobile screen.