It’s Sunday once again. And this one has a lot of mixed emotions for me. There’s a lot happening personally with my friends & family. But I’m trying my best to wire in and distract myself constructively.

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Today’s newsletter is about a 7 minute read, worthy of every word I assure. Before we dive into more serious things: we launched a new e-commerce store in the US last week, Steep & Mellow. Check them out and in case you’re looking to buy, here’s a discount code that you could use to avail a flat 20% off on their products: SMLIGHTSOUT20

Also, my latest podcast with Raul Rai, Founder of Nicobar, is out and gaining momentum. Check it out on Spotify: Secrets from the house of Nicobar.

Now on to the crux of this edition.

In my last newsletter, I spoke about “Marketing Basics for 0 to $1M”. Today, we’re on to HIGH GROWTH BRANDS. Most interactions that I have on a day to day basis are with founders or marketing teams of high growth companies. And our discussion often revolves around reducing CAC. So here are some punches that have worked best for businesses who we’ve advised on acing customer acquisition:

I) Acquisition via Ads is one, but what really matters is retention & engagement